Sunday, July 11, 2010

Birthday's and Pink and Black Weddings!

This airplane cake was a lot of fun to make. It was for my sister's friend. Sorry for me blurring up the background. I am not a professional photographer!

This simple cake was for my brother Zac. He is going to Peru for a semester to be an archaeologist. Isn't that awesome? He is so smart. I made the little tools and skeleton out of fondant and the cake is chocolate buttercream.

I made this cake for my cousin Vanessa. I love how it's so crazy and funky!

Here is Max's Super Hero Cake. He absolutely loved it. It took a while to make it because it had a million different super hero logos on it!

The next two cakes look similar, but aren't the same. I guess black and pink are the hot style choice for weddings these days. The first pink and black cake is smoothed buttercream frosting and the second in fondant.